Update on construction worker killed falling from The Wilshire Grand Towers today.

I spoke to a construction worker who works The Wilshire Grand Towers where an employee fell 53 stories to his death on a condition he remain confidential. The construction worker said the man killed was an electrician who had only been on the job site for two days. The safety net that is supposed to catch the workers in an event of a fall failed. The construction worker on the site said they are also supposed to wear safety harnesses, and the man either did not have one on or did not properly put on his or it failed. CAL OSHA has shut down the site for further investigation. The construction worker also told me they believe three ghost were on the property, one was the ghost of a little girl who died falling down an elevator shaft in the old hotel in the 1960’s and now there were four ghost that would haunt the property. There had been no injuries on the work site until today’s tragic death.