March 22 3/22 Skull & Bones holy day?

Conspiracy theorist on the internet YouTube especially are having a field day trying to expose the Belgian terrorist attacks as a false flag committed by the Illuminati on a Skull and Bones high holy day 3/22. Skull and Bones is a secret society that formed at Yale University in 1832 in New Haven Connecticut. Skull and Bones in the oldest senior class society at Yale. Member’s meet every Thursday and Sunday evenings their senior year. Members of Skull and Bones include George Bush and John Kerry fueling speculation Skull and Bones members  runs the CIA and control global events. Conspiracy theorist on the internet trying to make expose videos on the Illuminati and claiming false flags events because an event happened on 3/22 seem to only know a few basic facts about Skull and Bones and much of what they present is pure speculation. Many powerful elite were members of Skull and Bones but much of this secret society is just that a secret. Take Illuminati false flag conspiracy theory’s with a grain of salt and pick up some books and do your own research on the subject so you can distinguish fact from fiction and weed out junk illuminati conspiracy theorist.  Happy 3/22 Skull and Bones day.