Every time we have some sort of tragedy in the world why do so many “conspiracy theorist” rush to YouTube claiming the event was a false flag committed by the Illuminati?

According to Wikipedia a False Flag is a covert operation conducted by governments, corporations or other organizations to appear as an attack committed by another entity. If you are a regular viewer of conspiracy on YouTube seems like every day someone is posting videos about a wide array of events big or small and trying to bust them as a illuminati false flag terrorist attack. Some of these theorist present an end goal in mind like after Sandy Hook, The Aurora Theater Shooting or The massacre in San Bernardino as a ploy to grab Americans guns. Others who present videos stating Paris and The Bataclan or Tuesday’s attack in Brussels as False Flags offer no real evidence or end goal for the “government” or Illuminati to stage such attacks. Throughout history governments have been known to commit False Flag attacks. There is a strong narrative that supports 9-11 being a False Flag attack. If you do your research on the subject you find the way the towers went down, the Pentagon surveillance footage being destroyed and reporters, fire man and police all stating to get away from Tower 7 before it went down as strong proof the government staged this along with the gains from going to war with a oil rich nation when our country is so dependant on fossil fuels. The speculations that the Aurora Theater Shooting or Sandy Hook as false flags don’t sit well with me. These narratives offer a lot of nonsense and not enough to substantiate the claims. In my opinion these events were created by young men who already were mentally disturbed and were put on dangerous psychotropic drugs that have side effects that include homicidal and suicidal thoughts and actions and can be associated with many lone gun man mass shootings. Although there is a conspiracy in these narratives but not what they YouTube truthers state. The conspiracy here is how we continue to allow big pharma to sell us pills with dangerous side effects and no real medical benefit from. The reason is because they make the drug company’s billions and billions of dollars, politicians get there pockets greased to keep the drug mill alive. Doctors and pharmacies among others make a lot of money. And more money can be made from prescribing more drugs to treat the side effects. San Bernardino conspiracy thruthers also claim a gun grab and that a drill was occurring blocks away going over the same scenario. There never has been any thing other than statements made in the videos to prove that a drill actually happened blocks away at the same time. This in my opinion was some radicalized people and most likely resulted from some work place conflict that came to a head that fateful day. With 9-11 documents have been released to show that there was really a drill happening at the same time as the attacks with the exact same scenario to make the False Flag theory have some credibility. I’m undecided about what happened in Paris and The Bataclan. With this the evidence seems to waiver between it just being more extremist or something that could have been set up and made to look like something else. What made me start to waiver and decide it might be possibly a “False Flag” was statements made by the singer of The Eagles Of Death Metal that many security guards did not show up to work that night and how it looked like an inside job. There was no reports of security guards killed that night and if what he says is true that is very odd. Occultist which is what Illuminati members are who practice the Luciferian doctrine would choose to do an attack on a Friday the 13 because numerology is very big in this practice. The same thing with 9/11 and its numerology significance. So far the few False Flag videos I watched on Brussels seemed a bit ridiculous what’s being alleged is that the security camera footage from the airport is the same security camera footage from a terrorist attack in Moscow. But the videos looks nothing alike. The placement of the people and body movement in them do not match and in no way look like the same footage. One youtuber said the attack was fake and a false flag because someone said they saw someone’s head get blown off and there arms and legs continued to twitch for a short time afterwards. This has been documented by the medical community. If you grew up on a farm you know that a chickens body will continue to run around for a short time after its head has been chopped off. Another conspiracy theorist believed Brussels was a false flag because a reporter said a woman with a baby said she was looking for her other baby. While these theories for an event being a false flag are completely ridiculous and any one who has studied history knows these events do happen. Pearl Harbor, The Bay Of Pigs, The Bay of Tonkin and Operation Ajax that threw out the leader of Iran in 1953 and was led by the CIA. In the 1950’s through the 1971’s documents released under the freedom of information act show that the FBI hired “provacatuers” to go out and commit violent criminal acts so they could blame it on political activist. Many would say rightfully so the government was involved in the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy. Enough motive was there for government agencies to want these men out of the way. The problem with many of these expose videos is they are full of a lot of crack pot ideas and pure speculation. Many sound like they are coming from the minds of paranoid delusional people and really make any one who believes in conspiracy theories look like some mentally ill crazy person. On a video yesterday Media Analyst and Author Mark Dice blamed YouTube for opening up monotonization to every one as the main reason so many are quick to post a video claiming some false flag terrorist hoax. I’ve read books on The Knights Templar, Adolph Hitler and propaganda methods, The CIA and mind control experiments, the CIA flooding the streets with crack cocaine, Adam Weisoph, The Knights Templar, The FBI and covert operations. I’ve gained a general understanding of history and how things worked and learned if it seems to stupid to be true or if I don’t seen evidence to support what’s being presented to look for it myself to either prove or disprove a theory. Its better to do research and present actual facts like news paper article’s exposing actual dirty deeds done by the government that can’t be denied than given these people muddying the water and soiling logical critical thinkers who know there are real conspiracies in the world’s reputations. As I sat down to write this over 20 Brussels false flag terrorist false flag illuminati videos came up in a search of key words. Conspiracies are out there just most of what’s on YouTube ain’t exposing it. There’s plenty of real conspiracies and false flag stories to he found on major media sites. Unlike what the crack pots say they are covering them on mainstream media. Your just looking in the wrong places for them.