Comic-Con international debuts a new way to experience Comic-Con 365 days a year at WonderCon

At WonderCon Comic-Con international debuted its plans to give fans a new way to experience Comic-Con 365 days a year. Comic Con HQ will be debuting this summer and is a new streaming video on demand destination that will deliver everything you love about Comic-Con to a screen near you. Fans get to experience this first, commercial free and from anywhere all year long. At Comic Con HQ you can expect daily entertainment news and commentary shows that will ne produced by well known personality’s such as Collider, Kevin Pereira, and Adam Sessler. There will be behind the scenes access and special features from the franchise that define and defy pop culture. 100’s of hand picked gems and cult classics from film and TV genres loved from Alf to The Evil Dead. You can also expect access to San Diego Comic-Con you can not get any where else. Comic Con HQ will feature 24-7 coverage live streamed original programming, delated airings of select Comic-Con panels, sneak previews, and special events never before available to the public like the Masquerade and Eisner Awards. Comic Con HQ seeks beta testers to begin using this service on Free Comic Book Day May 7th, 2016 your free CCHQ beta access pass can be obtained at I’m excited to be one of the first fans to beta test this service.