The Days Of The Dead horror convention was in Los Angeles April 1-3

The Days Of The Dead Horror Convention was in Los Angeles at The Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Burbank on April 1st through 3rd. Horror Icons that appeared at Days Of The Dead were Tobin Bell from the Saw series, Fairuza Balk from The Craft and Sid Haig. Photo opportunities with these celebrities sold out online before the conventions date. Other celebrity horror icons who appeared at Days at Tue Dead and had photo opportunities were Lisa and Louise Burns, the twins from The Shining, Tony Todd from Candyman, Tony Moran from Halloween among others. Days of The Dead offered late night activities on opening night From Dusk Till Con Radio presented Scary-Okee karaokes with Harry Bean. After the second night of Days Of The Dead Batcave Hollywood had the official after party. DJ’s Malice Vext and Skum. At BatCave days Of the Dead there was also a side show act by Dangerous D, I was really into his whole act bit had to look away at the end when he was letting people staple money to different parts of his body. That made me a bit Squeamish. Days of Tue Dead featured a 48 hour independent film marathon. The film marathon was held in a screening room and featured both short and feature length films and was a popular attraction at Days Of The Dead. Vendor booths at Days Of The Dead had Horror themes merchandise such as your favorite ghouls and horror Icons hand painted on the records. Horror themed jewelry, t-shirts, clothing and handbags. Posters and films were up for sale. And as always Horror icons had their booths. I was not able to be spend as much time as I would have liked at Days of the dead but enjoyed the crowed. I spotted Sarah French (horror actress), Ramzi Abed (director) and Scary Carrey from the Rhythm Coffin amongst others in attendance. This is a really great convention for Horror lovers and has excellent room for growth. The next two Days Of The Dead conventions are scheduled for Indianapolis and Louisville. check website for more details on scheduling, tickets and hotel information.


List of movies played in marathon was to long to type. Courtesy of The Days Of The Dead Facebook page