Facebook to beta test encrypted secret chats in messenger

Today Facebook has rolled out beta testing of encrypting conversations on messenger so only the two people communicating can see them. Facebook owned Whats App and Apple have already been using this encryption technology as people are becoming more and more concerned about their online privacy, from hackers and snooping government agents and any one else who may want to ease drop in their online conversations. With this new encryption added to the small beta test users messenger they are able to set an experation date on how long the messages can be visible. It will not be avaliable to all of Facebook’s 900 million users until late Augast, early September. Even if officials had a warrant the messages can not be obtained by Facebook and cannot be seen by any one else. Earlier this year Apple made big news in its battle against the FBI to unlock an encrypted phone used by the San bernadino attackers. in my friends list many have chosen not to download the messenger app because of privacy concerns and not wanting personal information discussed in messenger to be visible to other prying eyes. This data encryption and experation date on messages is bound to make Facebooks messenging app a much more desirsble way to communicate online for those who do not have encrypted IPhones. This feature will have to be turned on in messenger. It makes messages visble to only 1 IP adress. Even discussing mundane things online this encryption makes me feel more confident about online messenging. Facebook is finally catching up to the times where users want more privacy online.