Disney’s Elena Of Avalor release coming soon, but has angered some

Premeiring July 22 at 7 pm on The Disney Channel, Elena Of Avalor is an animated series that will feature Disney’s first ever Latina Princess. While many are excited that Disney is adding more racially diverse cartoon characters to its line up, some including the Huffington Post are saying because Elena is based on folklore of many latino cultures and they specifically said she was a ;latino that the character Elena is not even Elena at all. Others are outraged and offended because Disney chose to make a Elena Of Avalor cartoon series instead of a feature full legnth according to reports on Fox 11 Los Angeles this morning. Although I believe Disney has been slow to add more racially diverse characters, series and feature legnth franchise see this as a really positive thing for not just latino kids and Latina girls especially but for all children.

On Elena’s 15th birthday her parents gave her a magical amulet and told her it would help protect her. Than an evil sorceror came after Elena’s parents and than went after her and the amulet protected her, with help from Elena’s magical friends she rescued her family and than is about to take the throne and rule her kingdom.