Watch this video of Prophets Of Rage perform a rooftop show in Los Angeles Skid Row

Friday afternoon word began to quietly spread on social media that Prophets of Rage were going to be performing a free rooftop show at L.A C.A.N (Los Angeles Community Action Network) headquarters in Skid Row on 6th and Gladys streets. The only hints of the show before I left to head over there was a picture posted of a Public Enemy show in Skid Row that said not a bad idea. Being a huge fan of all the bands, especially B-Real of Cypress Hill, I grabbed my 2 year old daughter and headed over to Skid Row to see if it was real since I had previously missed the super groups other 2 L.A performances. For those of you that do not know Prophets Of Rage is comprised of members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemey and Cypress Hill. I found the setlist at and here it is Prophets of Rage Setlist Skid Row, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2016, Make America Rage Again

around 3 minutes into the video posted on Prophets Of Rage Youtube channel you can see me dancing holding my daughter.