A few thoughts on the public fued Kat Von D started with Jeffree Star

upon seeing Kat Von D’s initial post with a picture of Jeffree Star’s face with a a do not enter symbol across it and her announcement she was no longer friends with Jeffree Star and a video was to follow, I thought Oh no here we go again with Kat and her need to bring her drama to the public and to her followers. I was a very huge fan for a number of years of Kats until her very public twitter relationship and break up with Deadmau. I am all for having celebrities have a private life. I have no desire to know every single detail of someone life, especially a psuedo celeb who was famous for being on reality tv. Kat is a very talented tattoo artist and I give her props for her skills but the Deadmau this and the break up especially really started turning me off of her. Than Kat was with Nikki Six and it seemed almost like a reapeat of her previous relationship with every thing being spilled online and especially the public break up. With he whole Jeffree Star video I felt was unessasary and it actually seemed a bit spiteful and jealous. With he claims her frined had not been paid by Jeffree and she was told to fuck off and was blocked after, Kat never produced the screen shot when she mentioned she would. The not producing the screen shot was highly suspicious to me. if the conversation went down as you said it did why not produce the evidence? another thought I had was if this artist frined of Kats made Jeffree’s logo and was never paid for it why some two years after Jeffree Star Cosmetics has launched and is doing well from all accounts I have seen and the happy customers I know who love the cosmetics, has this artist not sued Jeffree to get paid and not come forward. Why is it Kat? when Kat was saying how she basically launched Jeffree’s make up brand and he said she never supported him I went to his social media an tried to find that post and it was not there. After about a day and half Jeffree Star posted a rebuttle video where he showed the text message conversations between him and Kat going back to Dec 2015. I feel like Jeffree handled the situation very well and his response was done classy an unlike Kat who said her video was not to bash Jeffree when she than proceeded to bash him. Jeffree made his point and he presented evdence that Kat said was important but never showed her viewers. I feel like Kat maybe is not doing so well with her make up brand and is a bit envious of Jeffree and the success of his brand. Her video seemed to be reaching for some validation and reward for his success. I dont believe any one can make some one else successful. The world does not work like that, especially in the world of cosmetic, if you dont have a well known name (one Jeffree had since the myspace days where I followed him, before I ever even had heard the name Kat Von D) and also if you do not have a good quality product you are going to fail. And if Kat is finally now two years later coming forward to claim she made Jeffree’s brand how was it successful with out yout association with it. It was successful because the product is good and jeffree is well known and has a unique persona. This really is the last straw with me for Kat and her social media drama and borderline slander and bullying people online. How can she sit there and say she has an issue with Jeffree bullying people online as she sits there and bully’s him online? it is a major contradiction and a bit bi polar. I have no idea if she is bi polar and am not saying she is but it is weird. I really had not thought of Jeffree much since the Myspace days and Kat posting what she did made me revisit his social media precense and I became a new Youtube subscriber. I even binge watched his videos yesterday. It does take a mature person to respectfully respond to such an attack by someoen online and do it with grace and style and Jeffree did that and I have more respect for him than I did before this online fued the world is watching. I actually ate popcorn as I watched Jeffree’s response video. I was waiting for Jeffree’s response before I really formed an opinion about what I thught about the whole situation. i liked how Jeffree came right out and said yea me and the artist worked on some preliminary sketches and did not move forward because art the time I could not afford him and that he ha received some compensation. When you have a comapany like that, which is so high profile if you do not pay someone you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be sued. I believe Jeffree was never sued because maybe, just maybe Kat made that whole part up to have an excuse to “Go Public” with her decision to end the frinedship when it seemed like the firendship had already been over for quite some time. Either way all this attention is going to drive up cosmetic sales for both of them, heck when I get paid I want to order a Jeffree Star lip stick and sugar scrub.