Rob Zombie’s 31 Film Review


In Rob Zombie’s 31 five carnival workers are abducted by a group of clowns on the outskirts of a town the night before Halloween. The group of carnival workers are forced to participate in a 12 hour game for their lives on 31. Satanic rituals and a sadistic plot unfolds through out the film. Shot over a two week span in the Arizona desert the film really grabs the roots of classic low budget horror films without being to cheesy, or over the top like other films in a similar genre. the lighting used throughout many of the scenes when the carnival workers were playing the game really sets the tone for the film. Starring Sherri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Meg Foster, Kevin Jackson, Malcolm Mcdowell and Jane Carr among others in this ensemble cast. I found the gore in this feel to be realistic for what it was and not to over the top at all. I think this movie is a great watch for people who are huge fans of Rob Zombie’s movies or a true horror movie buff. 31 is only released in very limited theatrical release. The movie can be watched via streaming on Amazon Video for $9.99 available here at this link