WonderCon 2017 

March 30th, through April 2nd Comic Con International’s smaller but widely successful Wonder Con came to Anaheim Convention Center. Wonder Con usually is held on Easter weekend. This year they moved weekends and the final day was just about as packed as Saturday. Cosplay is the real star of this convention, partly I believe is the conventions proximity to Los Angeles and the easier access to badges (for now) than its older brother Comic Con. Yes I see Comic Con as a man. I usually attend every day of a convention but missed Friday’s opening day due to business that could not wait to be handled. Sat the convention floor was packed. All ages were in attendance and having a good time. Because of all of the people in Attendance seeing the entire convention floor took some time. The cosplay at Wonder Con in top knotch. Super hero’s and Batman and Joker and Harley Quinn. Are big hits. Some woman had very gorgeous well made Disney Primcess dresses. I really enjoy seeing small children at the conventions. The intrest in reading and the arts they get from Comic Book conventions is some thing they will always carry.  Panels I attended on Saturday were both music related. The first panel of the day I attended was Discover The Music of Comics. Patrick Reed from e now defunct Comics Alliance and other creators like Sam Humphries from the DC franchise, discussed out right mysic based comic books like the Kiss Comics and The Monkeys and other comics with musical influences that are not out right music comics. Comics and music play such an integral role in each others creations like so many art mediums intertwoned with music. I attended another panel that day also moderated by Patrick Reed. Hip Hop and Comics Culture’s Combining. In this panel the relationship between comics and hip hop as in hop hop based comics or hip hop influemced comics roles in pop culture. Rappers and grafitti artist also use super hero imagry as comic book artist do and this connection was discussed. Part of the panel discussed how more and more hip hop artist are fetting into the comic book game and how now convincing some one to license their image for comic book use is getting easier and easier. The last day I spent most of my time looking at the booths. Although Sun was packed it was slightly less crowded than Saturday. I attended a Gotham panel. The Gotham panel featured villians only and showed us how the last season ended and a tease into the new season. WonderCon is a great tine. The Cosplay is excellent and it is a pre workout for ComicCon. It is here where you figure out how much food and water to carry and how to best manage your time and make the most of a convention. See you in San Diego for Comic Con in July.