The 19th annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival 

The 19th Annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival main Festival was held in Downtown Las Vegas just off of Fremont Street at The Las Vegas Events Center. The three day fesival has many off-site events. I only atended the main Festival this time. On the first day of Punk Rock Bowling. Arriving the first day the line was two blocks long. The line moved pretty quickly and it had started to cool down at this point. As I was in line I could hear the end of The Interrupters. I liked the ska punk sound The Interrupters had. Next The Spits performed. I was unfamiliar with this band and did not recognize any of the songs. I thought The Spits brand of Ramonesesque punk rock made for a great live performmace. I made my way to the stage to see Keith Morris band OFF! What can I say about OFF! I mean Keith Morris is a LEGEND. What moved me was hearing Keith talk about anxiety and how the pills may have led to a great musicians suicide. I am on the school of thought that psyche meds and pharmacuticals in general are very dangerous.