Is #MeToo helping or hurting us victims?

Many times in my life when I used to go out all the time and wrote reviews on my MySpace Ultimatebandgirl page than 7 year long column in Lost Anarchy Magazine there was many times I truly believe I was drugged and have no clue what Happened to me and other times where I was clearly assaulted. The attitudes of people around me was that I am.the problem I just drink to much or I dated this person or did this prior so all of these things I had coming to me. One particularly disturbing Incident I was in a packed bar after a show of a group I liked very much. One of them members came up and pushed me against the bar leaned all up against me as they breathed all over my neck and actually penetrated me with their finger. I still recall the terrifying feeling I had. There was people all around and there was nothing I could do. Here this famous guy just assaulted me in this place they spend a lot of money in and bring a lot of business to and the slander gossip circles had already long stained my reputation. I was made by these abusers and enablers around me to believe what happened to me was wrong and I was not remembering things as they happened. At the time I was unaware of Narcissistic abuse and what gas lighting was. I was so deluded and brain washed into thinking. Unless I was in these certain places drinking I wasn’t cool. I was surrounding myself with predators and was led to question my own reality. Years and years the response I would get when I spoke of these things was I am crazy. Although many do not take #Metoo serious and think it’s alot of attention to people it gave me the power to stand up and say I know what was done to me in this Hollywood environment and look all these other girls had the same things happen to them. I won’t hide my abuse in shame no more secrets. #Metoo. Girls and people being drugged in Los Angeles bars is a wide spread problem. I would not recommend drinking at all any where but your own home if you must drink