Into The Hollywood Teenage Abyss Part 4

Uma grabbed some drinks at her favorite dive bar on Highland just north of Hollywood Blvd. It sat next to a really good Chinese food restaurant, but Uma could never recall the name. The dive bar was called Dhalia’s Shack. The bar notoriously opened the same week as The story of The Black Dhalia’s murder was hitting the papers. In the back was a pool table, several booths and the bar. Keith Richards photo sat above the register, kind of like God watching over. House beer pitchers were $8 and Uma needed one. This is where an old friend of Uma’s older sister I.D came in handy. The place was packed. Uma didn’t know any one there but there was an empty seat in the middle of the bar. Uma got an $8 pitcher. And began to drink. The ice cold beer was good Uma had been working so hard lately doing manual labor to save some money up. Lorde was right extra work probably pays the same and is less hard on the body. That pimp wjo died beating up the girl occupied much of Uma’s space at the moment. Like how righteous is that the mother fucker was struck down by God. This unbelievable act gave Uma a slight sense of hope. Was life so grim that a pimps death was life’s bright spot. A girl Uma knew Karla came in. Karla had bright blue and purple hair. Uma always thought Karla’s hair looked like a unicorn’s hair. Uma grabbed another glass and told Karla hey I got your first drink works been good lately. Watch my beer. When Uma stood up she realized she started to feel buzz. Uma actually smiled when she seen the manager added Tweedie Square first album in the juke box. Uma played their break out hit About To Throw Down. Uma was about to throw down with life. Karla really was a good distraction and they met a lot of tourist from Australia and some from Sweden. The Swedish guys were really into 1980’s metal. Uma let them know Pot Of Gold’s was the place where is all began and that they needed to check it out. Last call came in before you know it. Uma stumbled around the corner back to her hotel room. This time she was in a room on the second floor all the way in the back. I don’t know. There was just some thing about this room that really gave Uma the creeps. This is the only room where Uma’s make up and stuff was moved around. Uma swear some woman must have been murdered in this room decades ago. Uma drank some water and prayed she wasn’t hating life in the morning. No Manual labor tomorrow. Last thing Uma remembered was smiling thinking about So True on tour rapping to all those crowds. That was when Uma seen So True really was alive. Uma pictured all the haunted girls hurt by So True on the road. Uma figured of course he breaks tons of hearts on the road. Uma liked when her dreams were of So True like tonight. The things Uma dreamt of embarrassed her to even think about in the morning. Uma has a lot of work to do if So True were to ever be seriously interested in her. The next day was uneventful on the manual labor front. Uma’s hands throbbed but she needed money to survive. Uma took a walk to Rock And Roll Ralph’s on Sunset Blvd just west of La Brea. Uma’s life was never a dull moment. While looking at sushi in the front Deli area a tall slender tattooed handsome man with black spikey hair, tight blue jeans a white t shirt and a leather jacket and boots tapped Uma on the shoulder and said “Excuse me miss, are you looking for groceries or are you looking for me” Uma was confused and didn’t understand what he was saying because she was to busy thinking about how he made her heart race. Next thing you know the guy tell Uma “You know, you should really be complimented I tried to come over and talk to you right now. Than the tall hamdsome man who looked like a rock star walked away. Like what the fuck. Uma realized than oh he was trying to hit on me. Uma thought stupid me. Than thought of So True and felt even sicker. Uma couldn’t even enjoy her half ways decent meal she was getting for once because of that douchebag. Why was Uma so tormented by So True he is way out of her league and they never even had a conversation with each other yet just stares at each other. Uma pondered the situation and found it was highly bizzare. Uma retired early and finally listened to Lorde and signed up for Casting Headquarters. Uma arrived more than 3 hours before and there was still a long line. Every kind of person you could think of from all over doing them selves in line here hoping to be a star. Uma could care less about being a star she just didn’t like sleeping on sidewalks and in stairwells eating charity meals. Uma wanted to pay rent. Only a certain number of people were allowed in each registration day. Uma felt relieved she got in every one filled out a card with all their personal information and measurements. Than you went up to a window gave them a card. You were than handed a hotline number. Uma went to a job center down the street and got hired on the first job she called for. The job was on a sitcom Uma loved and walking distance. Uma relaxed. Call time was 6 am Uma hated being late. Grabbed some food on the corner and made it to set on time. Uma.was so confused no one told her any thing at all about sets. after check in the ladyade an announcement about waiting till crew for craft services. What the hell was craft services Uma though. The blonde guy next to Uma in the bleachers asked her is she had been on a set before. Uma asked if it was that obvious. The blonde said stick by him and he would help her. The first scene was a cafe shot. Was so strange pretending to eat and drink and talk. Was pretty ackward but as the day wore on it got easier. The second scene Uma was right next to the main actors. The cute blonde guy was really short but they put him up. The next few months flew by. Uma was really happy working on sets. Her weekends were spent dancing the nights away upstairs. Tweedie Square were away on tour. Uma decided not to even buy the album. Some thing about the DJ freaked Uma out. He seemed to follow her all over Pot O Gold’s aggressively. Uma had no interest and felt something really dark and sinister in him. Uma swore he was a worlock with magical powers to cast spells on people with his beats. This guy’s name was DJ Left Behind. What an off name Uma thought and wondered what the hell does that mean. Uma truly was scared of DJ Left Behind. The Pot Of Gold was so happening and every weekend major celebrities were there. Uma even seen her favorite actress from this cop drama. Life was easier only for a bit. There was an arrest in Stormer’s murder. Police were tight lipped and Uma was scared.